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 Ohio Department of Education Awards
Southington Schools  earned an overall letter grade of an "A" in the Value Added Component for the District. (2019 District Progress Data
Southington Schools earned an overall letter grade of a "B" on our most recent report card.  Out of the three local counties, no district received an overall letter grade of an "A".  Please read more about it.  (WKBN new article)

The Ohio Department of Education has named our school a 2018 High Progress School of Honor based on our school’s 2017-2018 Ohio School Report Card.

As a Momentum Award winner, our district’s report card shows our district is committed to its students’ success by ensuring students exceeded the growth expectations in English language arts and mathematics.

As an Overall A Award winner, our school’s report card shows our school is demonstrating high academic performance and building bright futures for students of every background and ability level.

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Superintendent's Message

We are excited to announce that our school district did extremely well on the 2019 State Report Card.   We were one of 8 school districts in Trumbull County to receive an overall grade of a B and one of three school districts to receive an A on our Progress portion. Progress is considered by most to be the most important category on the report card. As we have always said, we cannot accomplish any of this on our own.  It takes the effort of our dedicated staff, conscientious students and supportive parents and guardians.  It takes the entire Southington School Community. WE THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT. A big part of the reason we have performed so well is the increased assistance from the Trumbull County Educational Service Center and their excellent professional development program. This process is ongoing.  Part of our program this year highly involves our K through 2 teachers. As a result of this program, this October 14th all of our K through 2 teachers will be at a professional development in service on this day. We feel it is the best interests of all involved to have NO SCHOOL FOR GRADES K, 1, and 2, on MONDAY OCTOBER 14th. This once again is for K, 1, and 2 only. Grades 3 through 12 will be in session. Finally, as we do every year, we will have a practice run two – hour delay on Friday, November 15, 2019.  We know two – hour delays can be difficult on everyone, but there are times where we will utilize them so that we do not lose an entire day of instruction.  Included with the two – hour delay on the 15th will be safety training for our staff as well as safety drills with the entire student body.  We will once again utilize the services of Training Specifics to assist us on this day.    THANKS AGAIN WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT ONE OF OUR SCHOOL ACTIVITIES! GO WILDCATS! Educationally yours, Rocco Nero Superintendent of Schools Southington Local   More +

Elementary Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

Students not riding the bus may be dropped off at the front entrance between 8:15 and 8:25 a.m.  There is no supervision before 8:15, so please do not drop off earlier. To maintain a safe and smooth dismissal at the end of the day, please use the following procedure:The school must be contacted by 2:00 p.m. if your child is being picked up instead of riding the bus. This allows time for proper communication to the student, teacher, and bus driver.Arrive between 3:00 and 3:10 p.m. Students being picked up will be called from the classroom at 3:10 p.m.Parents are to STAY IN CARS, drive around the back of the building, and form a single line on the south side of the building (near the playground.) The first car should be stopped at the stop sign.Students will be lined up in the school hallway at 3:10. At that time, a teacher outside will communicate with a teacher inside and students will be released one car at a time.When buses are loaded and begin to depart, the pick-up traffic must give right-of-way to the buses.Please remember - only those listed on a student's Emergency Medical Form have the right to pick up your child.   Pick-up drivers should be prepared to show proper identification.

OHSAA Preseason Meeting Info

OHSAA Preseason Meeting Information
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