I strongly feel that the fundamental goal of teaching is to foster learning and the most important rewarding career. As art teachers we have a direct impact on children, as we can affect their lives in a positive way enhancing a student's desire to learn. I strive to insure students learn fundamental art concepts by teaching my objectives daily to accommodate different learning styles. Art 1 is an important stepping stone for the success in Advanced Art. The techniques that are learned in this class will be used and improved upon in the Advanced Art classes. 

    Students are more appt to graduate if they are given a variety of subjects not only the core subjects yet challenge with supportive lessons. Art can strengthen any subject that it is integrated into by experimenting with students likes and dislikes. It is not like gestalt philosophy were each subject is self contained, but art flows freely into other subjects. One of the main reasons I decided to peruse a career in teaching was so that I would have the opportunity to work with future generations and keep the passion for art alive. In Advanced Art I focus on critical thinking skills by facilitating lifelong learning skills through art which will help students develop problem solving strategies. Advanced Art is reliant on the techniques and skills learned in Art 1. Students are graded on effort and concept rather than if its "pretty".


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