All About Mrs. C

All About Mrs. Carano

I am a 2005 graduate of Youngstown State University with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education, a 2009 graduate of Kent State University with a master's degree in reading specialization (I also received my reading endorsement K-12 here as well) and I also obtained my 4th and 5th grade endorsement from Notre Dame College in 2012.  I am a lifelong resident of Hubbard, Ohio where I currently reside with my husband of 8 years, Josh, our children, Grace and Leo, and our dog, Rocky.
This is my 13th year (WOW) teaching here at Southington, but only my 8th year in Kindergarten. I was first hired here as a Kindergarten teacher in 2007 but then I was moved around A LOT!  I've also taught 1st, 4th and 5th grade reading, 5th and 6th grade special ed, 2nd and 3rd grade Title reading, 4th, and then I was moved back to Kindergarten in 2013 and thankfully I am still here! It's been fun moving around all of those years but I am happy to be back in Kindergarten! Kindergarten is such a fun grade and I am excited for all of the activities we will do this year!

Mrs. C's Life

Fun Facts

~I have been with Mr. Carano for a total of 17 years.  We have been married for 8 years.
~We have a three-year old daughter, Grace, and a five-month old son, Leo.  I like to talk about them a lot!
~I LOVE to sing (but I'm terrible at it) and dance!!
~I HATE bugs, but I do not like to kill them because I feel bad!  :o)
~I am scared of clowns and have been since I've been little!
~I LOVE Starbucks!  I mean, I really love it!!  A. Lot.
~I love teaching in Southington and consider it my second home!

Contact Info

You can always call the school to get a hold of me, however, the best way to reach me is through my email.  I check that periodically throughout the day and will be able to respond to you a lot quicker with it.
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