Making Good Choices

What Are Good Choices?

Good Choices is our way of promoting good behavior in Kindergarten.  They are basically our daily rules to follow.  Kindergarten and First Grade all have the same rules.  We tell our students that we want them to make good choices so that everyone stays safe and has a lot of fun in Kindergarten.  Just like in everyday life, everyone needs to make good choices, so that we all can successfully live and work together.  

Good Choices

1.  Listen when your teacher is talking.
2.  Raise your hand to speak or stand.
3.  Follow directions quickly.
4.  Keep your hands and your feet to yourself.
5.  Be safe, be kind, be respectful, and be honest. 

Our Behavior Plan

Class Dojo is the online behavior system we use in Kindergarten.  Every student has their own "monster" and they can earn points for good behavior or lose points for inappropriate behavior.  The best part about Class Dojo is that the parents have their own account where they can keep track of their child's behavior.  They can also privately message me and vice versa about anything happening in the classroom, not just behavior related.  I also send home notes and reminders through Class Dojo.  It is a wonderful app!
If the students earn so many points on Class Dojo, rewards will be given.  Rewards and point values for those rewards will vary and will be decided upon as a class.  After students earn rewards, their point totals will decrease, because they used their points to achieve the particular reward.  Parents will be able to see the difference when points are lost for "cashing them in" versus when they are lost for inappropriate behavior.  Also, if points are lost for inappropriate behavior, parents will be able to see what rule was broken.
Class Dojo is a great way for students to take ownership for their own behavior and to connect parents to the classroom! 
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